Pegasus – a Place to be

01 Music is my Baby 02 Who cares for One 03 Run thru the rain 04 I'm so in Love 05 Gipsy Song 06 Mama 07 When I need a smile 08 You never get a 2nd chance 09 Love Song 10 Busy getting a Job 11 Never let me down 12 Priscilla 13 Waiting for the end of my Pain produced by Serge Christen & Markus Fehlmann// 
mixed by Serge Christen, Chris Diggelmann & Oli Bösch // 
mastered by Oli Bösch // 
Gewinner Suisa Produktion des Jahres 2006 // Swisstop Jahressieger 2006
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run thru the rain